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Too often, the pull of "doing" overtakes the desire of "being". We've been conditioned to think inantimate objects and perfection in our home take precendence over the human beings that dwell within. When instead, your family's most precious moments happen when you are just "being". Those are your inbetween moments that make your family unique - no matter how ordinary you think you are. So, while Society has brainwashed us into thinking we need to be "productive" every second, I want to give you the space to do absolutely nothing except enjoy your family in a stunning location, indoor or out.

I'm here to celebrate & capture your family's inbetween moments forever.

DFW Family and Motherhood Photographer

Hey Ya'll

I'm Amanda - I'm a Published Photographer in the DFW Texas area, Mama to 3 kids, and Lover of your beautiful ordinary. I know that this season of life is full of the never-ending piles of laundry, dishes, and toys. But, even in the midst of that chaos, I know you've got a home that's full of love, laughter, and joy. As your next Family and Motherhood Photographer, those Inbetween Moments are the ones I want to capture in all of its organic beauty so you can remember this season in all it's fullness.

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DFW TX Published Photographer

We had the best time at our session with Amanda. I'm super grateful to have her capture all of our future moments!

Kolwaski Family

Minutes turn to hours, hours to days.

The days go by an they turn into weeks.

As time passes slowly, days start to fade.

Little eyes and ears, confused by what they do not know.

Mothers holding little hands, reaching for answers.

Fear consumes our souls.

Yet up ahead, there is light.

And we will see the sun rise.

- Anonymous -