Mom get lovingly tackled and hugged by her children during Family session

Motherhood Photography

If something were to happen and you weren't here for your babies tomorrow, would your babies have pictures of you to remember you? And, not just selfies. Would they have images of you in the same picture with them?

As a Momma to 3 littles, I know how often I am the one behind the camera. I am always the one who takes the pictures of my kiddos as they grow up. I'm the one who sees an adorable moment between my husband and my kids and think, "I NEED to remember this", so I pull out my phone and click the shutter as many times as I can.

I'm the one.

And, if I were a betting woman, I would bet you are the one too.

If I were a betting woman, I would also bet that you, like me, are kind of scared of the camera being pointed at you. I know that we, as mothers and caregivers, do not want photos of ourselves. We don't feel "ready". We need to lose weight, get better at putting makeup on, go and get our hair done, go get better outfits, etc. When we do actually put ourselves in the photos, we look at those images with an extra critical eye. So, we think, "Eh...I'll just take pictures of the kids instead."

It is so important to capture those moments of your kids being kids. And, I will never stop a Momma from taking that initiative. But, what I will say is - GET IN THE PICTURE TOO. Your babies need to have pictures WITH you in them. Loving on them. Kissing them. Watching them. Teaching them. Playing with them. Loving on your partner.

Your babies want YOU.

They don't care what you look like. They just want You.

They want to create memories with you. They want to hug and kiss you. They want that tickle monster moment. They want to run around outside, pick flowers or bugs and show them to you. Motherhood Photography allows you peace of mind to be free to fully be present and experience that moment with your babies. Because booking it will allow everyone the freedom to explore, create, love, snuggle, and laugh together while allowing someone else to shadow and capture the memories for you.

Will your babies have those images full of laughter, chaos, love, and peace to remember you by? Let's make sure that they do!

Can my Spouse be included?

This is the beauty of Motherhood Photography!! OF COURSE!!! Painting the picture of YOU, as a Mama to these sweet little babies, can always include your partner in life. Not every single session has to include them, but they are absolutely invited and welcome to come and participate in the session just like they are a part of your life and your story.

Mom Cuddles with her daughter in Frisco Texas
Mom of Twins Cuddles in Plano Texas
Mom receives kisses from her son in Texas
Mom and Son snuggle in the Sunset
Mom Kisses top of her newborn daughter's head in Richardson, Texas
Mom laughs with her children in Burleson, Texas
Newborn Snuggles for New Mom in Saginaw, Texas
Mom laughs and squeezes her boys in a huge hug
Little Boy laughs with his mom in Keller, Texas
Precious Quiet Moment between Mom and her son