2022 has been A YEAR, am I right?

I know the last few years have been a roller coaster, right? I mean, you wanna talk about emotions, we've all been on the wildest of rides since 2020. You wanna talk about finances, it's between a downward spiral and "WTF". You wanna talk about Mental Health? Oh my goodness me. You are just in a dark abyss. I know I am not immune to all the wild changes, and alot of you are experiencing similar. It has just been crazy. So, why would we even want to commemorate 2022 with a photoshoot for yourself or your family? I mean - why would we want to remember this, right?

Listen, I get it. I've moved across the country twice since 2019. I've had 3 kids in that time. I've had my husband locked in his own brain in an ICU ward for a month. I've had traumatizing situations and feelings. But, the way I look at it - We are still here. We are still kicking. We are still fighting to get everything we want or need for ourselves and our families. I think that is worth commemorating. I think that is worth celebrating!

So, let's do this thing - commemorate and celebrate the fact that we are still here! We've made it through another crazy, hectic, trying, amazing year! Here are the top 3 ways to celebrate in a way that creates MEMORIES with your family!

Take a Weekend Vacay

Texas is the 2nd biggest state in the US and we have got a WHOLE bunch of scenery throughout the state. So, plan a quick getaway around Christmas or in September before the Holiday season really starts up. Here are my top 5 quick getaways that aren't far from DFW!

Hamilton Pool

3.5 Hours Away

In Dripping Springs, TX, this natural wonder is the PERFECT ending to a summer. Perfect way to spend some hot Texas days. Perfect way to stay cool in this unbearable heat wave. Please be aware that you do need reservations...so don't just try to be spontaneous on this one! Check out all the latest INFO on their website listed here.


Colorado Bend State Park

3 Hours Away

Sinkholes, Caves, and Springs - OH MY! It's crazy that we actually have all this kind of scenery just a few hours away! Once my kiddos get a little older...believe me THIS is where we are going! Especially to check out Gorman Falls - I mean, GORGEOUS - right?? Make sure you check the weather, pack some water and snacks, and know where you're going before you head out. And, check out the other trails to hike too:


Enchanted Rock

This one has been on my bucket list since my college days...and would you believe it? I still haven't gone....maybe that's how it made it's way here. It's got miles of hiking, wildlife to watch, rock climbing, cave exploring, and the CUTEST little town in the area right there - Fredrickburg, TX. As with Colorado Bend State Park, please be safe. Take water, maps, food, and check the weather! But, please enjoy yourself too! The scenery from the top is to die for!

Pedernales Falls State Park

You do some camping, swimming, hiking, paddling, and even horseback riding! It would definitely be a weekend to remember! One full of amazing family memories that you can treasure for years to come! You've got to remember, just because the trails are marked and such, you've still got to be extremely careful. Texas weather is no joke - so take it into consideration. And, always bring maps, water, and some snacks! Check out their website for reservations and info!


Garner State Park

This one is pretty freaking EPIC in the fall! I mean - its one of the few places that people count on to actually CHANGE for the fall season! There are plenty of other things to do there too! You can hike 16 miles of scenic trails. You can also camp, study nature, picnic, canoe, fish, play miniature golf, geocache and ride bikes. They even host a Summer Dance (since the 1940s!). Check out their site for more info!


Do an Experience HERE

This is one of my favorites because - I mean...who doesn't love to have something fun planned on the calendar? Other than napping, it's kind of my favorite.

Here is a nonexhaustive list that I continue to add to:

Escape Room

Indoor Skydiving

Texas Fairs

Local Pumpkin Patch/Festivals

Local Haunted Houses

exploring local Downtowns

Treetop Adventures

Driving a NASCAR

Ghost Tours in various towns

Stockyards in Fort Worth

Snorkling with Stingrays





Top Golf

Dave and Busters

Honestly the list COULD be endless because this metroplex is HUGE and full of so many things to do!! Grab your family and go experience something fun together!

Book a Photoshoot!

I know! I know! But hear me out. While I may be biased because this is literally my job...I've always had strong feeling about family photoshoots, so let me share with you my Top 3 reasons why I believe you should get a Family Photoshoot to commemorate 2022:

1) Time is so fleeting

For me, Motherhood has been a rough life from the get-go. From morning sickness to sleepless nights to trauma during labor and delivery to more sleepless night with a screaming bundle of joy. But during that haze, there were also so many moments that I am so glad I documented in order to remember for forever. Their tiny button noses, their little sweet lips, the way they smiled while they were milk-drunk and sleepy. Now, I'm in the throes of toddlerhood which comes with its own set of craziness - some of which I cannot wait to see disappear. But there are just so many little things that I am documenting and I love - like the way the say words when they just start talking, the toddle in the runs and steps as they are learning their balance, the hugs they attempt to give each other to show affection. All those things I want to remember forever. Soon, I will be keeping school and spots schedules - and all this will be a memory. Time just never stays still. It's a thief. Photography is a way to take back time just for a moment. A way to remember all the details while the kids are growing up. Book the photoshoot - you will absolutely be glad you did.

2) Christmas is coming up!

So, I read somewhere there are only 17 Fridays left before Christmas - and I don't know if you know this, but Grandparents LOVE pictures of their loved ones framed beautifully as their Christmas gifts. Literally - it's like the number one thing on some of their lists! You can use this photoshoot to set yourself up as the perfect daughter/daughter-in-law or son/son-in-law! Get some gorgeous photos of your adorable family together, pick out a frame, AND BOOM! YOU'RE A CHRISTMAS HERO! Ok...ok...all joking aside - the principle is still solid. I know I've given canvases and images to my extended family and it's always been a hit. They do, in all seriousness, love it!

3) Supports Small Local Businesses

All of us local photographers, are family-owned, small businesses and we, like alot of you, have had some exceptionally rough years since the world was shut down. When you book with a local photographer, you are giving us hope. We sincerely appreciate every single considering, inquiry, and booking that we can during this time! Seriously - thank you! We know it isn't always easy choosing someone, or finding someone in budget - but we really do appreciate you. And, bonus? We also LOVE our jobs so so much. We are so excited to meet you, get to know you, design your session, and create some unique magic with YOU!


  • Whether you already have a family photographer or are looking for one - this is the photographer's busiest time of year, so make sure you book it asap. Your favorite photographer MAY already be fully booked, but you can always try!

  • Book a FULL session if you have a theme you want to do, a certain activity, location, or memory that you want to celebrate. If, instead, you just want a quick experience, have small kiddos that don't want to pay attention for any length of time, maybe a family member that just hates photos (yep...looking at my grumpy dads!), then that's a good indication to go ahead and try to find the local photographers who are running some Fall or Christmas Mini Sessions instead!

So, what are you waiting for??? LET'S GET YOU BOOKED!!!